Commemoration of James Bond Filming on James Bond Island

Thailand is famous for its diversity and natural beauty, among the many attractive natural beauties in Thailand including the Phang Nga Bay National Park. This National Park became famous and became one of the famous tourist destinations in Thailand after one of the James Bond film series “The Man with The Golden Gun” took pictures in one corner of the National Park. Many people are then interested and want to visit this National Park as one of their traces of the James Bond films that they had previously watched on this site.

As a National Park, Phang Nga Bay has around 42 islands. Among the many islands, Karst Island which is a limestone island located in an Andaman sea bay is the most interesting. Because this limestone resembling giant nail is called James Bond Island, visitors usually stop for a moment to immortalize themselves with Karst Island as a memento.

The original name of this James Bond island in Phang Nga Bay or there is also someone who calls it the Paku Island, this is not without reason because if we pay attention then the James Bond island is like a nail stuck in the mainland. The name of the island changed after it was made as a James Bond location because the name of James Bond Island was judged to be better in selling the name so that it could bring visitors to this island. A thing that makes sense considering the number of visitors who come to this area just to see the island called James Bond Island.

This island still offers natural scenery and natural environment exoticism. In this place, there are at least about 28 species of mangroves, approximately 88 species of birds, and various reptile and amphibian animals. Besides enjoying a variety of beautiful beach and island panoramas, visitors can also adventure using canoes along the beautiful towering cliffs, do not be afraid to get tired while pedaling because the tour guide will help you to get around using the canoes that have been provided.

To go to this island, we can use a minibus or if you want to be easier and not bothered with various matters, you can use travel packages that are widely available at local travel agents in Phuket. If you are observant and can choose well, you will be able to find a number of travel packages that are cheaper than traveling alone. Travel on a minibus and then head to the Mangrove Forest of the Phang Nga Mangrove Forest, then from here, we will board the Long Tail Boat (a kind of long wooden boat).

Best Family Beaches to Visit

The best beaches can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider for your next family beach vacation.


From Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach, Florida is a prime resort area for family vacations. With perfect weather and miles and miles of beaches, this area is affordable, diverse, and has a wide variety of water-sports, restaurants, and a myriad of activities for children. Cocoa Beach is only an hour away from the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. In addition, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is considered one of the best in Florida.

Myrtle Beach.

Among the many favorite activities for children include Ripley’s Aquarium, Le Grande Cirque, a show quite famous for its acrobatics and other circus performers; and Myrtle Waves Water Park. For older children, a definite must-see is the NASCAR Speedpark.

With a myriad of dining options, shopping, and other historic sites; Myrtle Beach has been named the number one choice for beach family vacations in the U.S.


One of the most affordable vacations for beach-loving families is East Hampton, New York. The best place to stay is at the East Hampton House. The rooms are available in one and two-bedroom units that contain fully-equipped kitchens and/or kitchenettes. Moreover, you have guest privileges at the nearby beach.

Although this vacation spot does not offer food, it does have an indoor gym and offers morning coffee there as well. But, across the street is a deli that has an array of items on their breakfast menu and is very affordable. In addition, there is a Chinese restaurant across the street as well as a take-out barbeque, and deli.

The grounds are impeccable and there is a very large pool (one for the kiddies, too) where you can lounge in the sun. A tennis court is also on the premises. Every room has its own balcony with lounge chairs and a table.

If you live in the New York area, it is a 90-minute trip by car. The East Hampton Inn is centrally located – five minutes from town, restaurants, shopping, and a movie house. You can even take a short trip to Montauk and visit the historic lighthouse or spend time at the beach there.


Of course, nothing can compare to the beaches that are in Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. No matter what island you choose, Hawaii has the most pristine beaches anywhere in the U.S. Moreover, there are black-sand beaches on the island of Maui as well as a myriad of activities for the entire family.

San Diego.

Shifting to the West Coast, your family might enjoy a stay at the Beach Cottages. This site offers numerous amenities such as water sports, biking, as well as an amusement park. For the kids, San Diego Zoo and Sea World are not far from the Beach Cottages.

Centrally located to restaurants and shopping, Beach Cottages is an affordable vacation spot where the family can enjoy the sun, the surf, and other amenities available. In fact, you can book a studio that offers a fully equipped kitchen.

Redondo Beach.

Located on Santa Monica Bay, this report haven is perfect for family beach vacations. Here you can enjoy water sports, fishing bicycling, kayaking, as well as fine restaurants shops located not far from the Santa Monica Pier. There are many hotels that are situated across the street from the beach or within walking distance. Each has its own set of amenities that are geared towards families.

Why is there a Queen of England, but no King?

Friends, what have you heard about Queen Elizabeth II?

Yep, she is the Queen of England who now rules the kingdom.

But, how come, the King of England was never summoned?

Apparently, the husband of Queen Elizabeth did not have the title King, but the Prince, friends.

Who can sit on the throne?

In a system of monarchy or government headed by the King or Queen, only certain people can occupy the throne, friends.

In the United Kingdom, the first descendant of the King or Queen who is holding the throne is his successor.

The next throne holder can only replace him if the King or Queen gives up power, retires, or dies.

For example, at this time Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England because she was the first child of the previous King, namely King George VI.

Queen Elizabeth II automatically succeeded her father, because King George VI did not have a son.

Now, if the descendants of the King or Queen have sons and daughters, then the oldest son will be the first to be the holder of the royal throne.

However, the order of the throne holder can also be shifted, friends.

For example, currently, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, is in the first place to the throne.

Then below him was not his younger brother, but his first child, Prince William.

When Prince William did not have children, Prince Harry took the position of the holder of the throne below him.

Now, because Prince William has three children, Prince George is in 3rd place, Prince Louis is 4th in line, and Princess Charlotte is in 5th place.

Thus, Prince Harry was shifted to the 6th position of the throne, friends.

Why doesn’t Queen Elizabeth II’s husband have the title of King?

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is also a descendant of Queen Victoria.

The difference, Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria’s first child, namely King Edward VII.

Prince Philip is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Alice.

Well, apparently there is a royal rule, friends.

The king always rules whereas the Queen can be limited to symbolic titles, friends.

That is, the title of the Queen can also be given to the wife of the King, but the title of the King cannot be given to the husband of the Queen.

So, later when Prince Charles becomes King, his wife can have the title Queen or Empress.


Likewise with the wife of Prince William, friends.

Even so, Prince Charles still accompanied the Queen in doing the work of the royal family.

This is its origin, why Prince Phillip did not have the title of King 4D.

Time for a Family Road Trip!

Deciding on a family road trip can be a daunting challenge, not to mention an exercise in patience. However, if you prepare ahead of time, the trip can be one of the most memorable experiences of your family’s life.

Here are some quick and easy tips for making your family road trip a fun and safe one.

First, prepare a checklist of items you will need. This will include first aid kit, food, snacks, drinks, and lots of toys, coloring books, paper and crayons, a portable DVD player so your kids can watch their favorite movies; and a cooler. A good idea is to ask the kids what games they would like to take, within limits of course.

Ensure that the snacks are healthy in nature. Too many sugar snacks can have the kids bouncing off the car seats. Remember, this is a relaxing family vacation and you want to avoid the kids getting bored or repeatedly asking you when you are going to arrive.

Check online to print out games for the road that you and the kids can play along the way. There is an assortment of puzzles and riddles as well.

In addition, if you have very young children you will need to take the diaper bag and wipes for the occasional spills, blankets, and pillows if applicable and a favorite item or stuffed animal for the young ones is a good idea as well.

Second, decide on the destination and then contact AAA for a trip ticket. Ask for the scenic route, one that is much more calming and pleasing to the eye, especially the driver!

Third, as you check out the planned route you may want to check online to find gas stations along the way that offer the cheapest gas. Also if there are any points of interest along the route mark them on the map and plan to stop at these sites.

Fourth, while on the road ensure that you make pit stops regularly. This will allow the kids to run around and let off some steam while allowing the adults to stretch and reenergize. Bring along a football or soccer ball so that the entire family can have some fun while exercising at the same time.

Finally, it is very important that safety concerns are met. This includes having the car checked at your local mechanic or gas station. Ensure that the oil and filter are changed; the tires are well inflated (don’t forget the spare tire, too); the windshield wipers are replaced (if needed), and the car is in great condition before you head out.

In addition, you may want to place the following items in your trunk: a lawn chair, extra blanket, emergency road kit, umbrellas, water, flashlight and batteries, a battery-powered radio, and a windshield wiper cleaner. The glove compartment includes a first aid kit and cell phone charger. Keep all medications in a Ziploc bag in the glove compartment as well.

Another good idea is to take a list of telephone numbers including the hotel or motel where you are staying as well as those of family and friends you may need to contact.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, this road trip may be a perfect opportunity to add new treasures to the book. As you make stops at some scenic sites, ask the kids to find an item they would like to include in the scrapbook. Or if the kids point out something along the way that they find fascinating, take a picture of it to include in the scrapbook as well.

Engage the kids in decision making, age-appropriate, and allow them to decide what they would like to bring. Have them pack their clothes (check the suitcases afterward) so they feel part of the overall experience. Planning ahead of time for a family road trip will save you time, stress, and money. And the kids will enjoy this adventure, too!

Top 5 US Destinations Your Kids Will Love!

Although there is a multitude of destinations considered kid-friendly, here are the top 5 you may want to consider on your next family vacation.

1. Disney World.

This ultimate family vacation has been the source of great joy for adults and kids alike. Whether you stay several miles from the theme park or enjoy the onsite amenities, this vacation affords you an endless array of activities designed for the entire family. From Epcot Center to Sea World; from Disney Village to Universal Studios; Water parks to Wildlife parks; no time is wasted at this world-famous resort.

Moreover, many online travel sites are offering special packages to Disney World as well as Southwest Airlines and others. In addition, you can save quite a bit of money by selecting hotels that offer free stays for children, as well as free meals for the little ones. This is one destination where you can easily book a trip based on your budget and stick to it.

2. Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch.

From Alaska to Wyoming, there is a multitude of dude ranches perfect for a family vacation. But, one of the most notable is the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Colorado, approximately 20 miles from Rock Mountain National Park. Here, your family can engage in an array of activities including horseback riding, hayrides, nature walks, and a host of amenities provided by the ranch.

This dude ranch is perfect for families who love the outdoors as well as enjoy visiting such historic sites as Fort Collins, Old West Museums, and Cheyenne (where you can buy tickets to the world’s largest rodeo held from July 17 to the 26th).

3. Hawaii.

While Oahu has always been a popular destination, it is Maui that attracts family vacationers more than any of its islands. The reason is that it offers a wide variety of activities such as whale watching (seasonal); Lahaina, a famous whaling village; and Maui Ocean Center, home to the largest aquarium in Hawaii.

Your family can also take a ride on the Sugar Cane Train, circa 1890; visit Oheo Gulch to marvel at the spectacular waterfalls; spend a day at Iao Valley and view the Iao Needle; or visit the black-sand beaches at Waianapanapa in East Maui.

For fabulous weather, magnificent sunsets, and beautiful beaches; Maui is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy spending quality family time.

4. New York.

Probably the most exciting vacation spot for families in New York. The “Big Apple” has something for everyone; from Broadway to Rockefeller Center, you will never run out of things to do here. Among the many sites to visit is Radio City Music Hall where you can take in a show; Madison Square Garden; the Empire State Building; the Village; 42nd Street, the Theatre District; museums; shopping, fabulous cuisine; the list is endless.

Spend a day walking along Fifth Avenue and stop at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; take a tour of NBC Studios; spend an afternoon in Central Park and visit the zoo there; go to the South Street Seaport or take in a matinee performance on a Wednesday afternoon.

Whether you stay uptown or downtown, you will always be in close proximity to the many historic sites and sounds that comprise Manhattan. Moreover, your kids will enjoy all this city has to offer.

5. Las Vegas.

The city that never sleeps offers a wide range of attractions for kids. This is why it is among the top family destinations in the US today. Moreover, it is an affordable vacation because the hotel packages and meals will fit any budget.

Among the many attractions offered for families include M&M’s World, the Lion Habitat at MGM, Adventure Canyon, Game Works (a video game-playing wonderland), Sports Park, Circus Circus rides; Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage hotel; Shark Reef; New York, New York’s roller coaster; Madame Tussaud’s; Lake Mead; Children’s Museum (the largest of its kind); and Adventuresdome, the largest theme park in the U.S.

Many of these attractions are free and are well worth visiting. Don’t forget the Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo hotel or the spectacular water fountain show across the way at Caesars Palace.

Family Vacation to Hong Kong: Why Hong Kong?

I always like Hong Kong, I’ve even said a request to us to Hong Kong.

Through this paper, I summarize the things that need to be known to prepare for a family vacation to Hong Kong. Want to go some distance without the hassle of applying for a visa? Hong Kong is one alternative.


For families who have successfully vacationed to Singapore and Malaysia independently, usually, Hong Kong is the next destination. Hong Kong has Disneyland with a super cool fireworks show. In addition, Disneyland Hong Kong also has Toy Story Land.

Hong Kong has integrated transportation, easily bringing children to get on and off public transportation in Hong Kong. Not only MTR (train), bus or ferry, but Hong Kong also still has a unique tram. It should be noted that trams only exist on Hong Kong Island.

Shopping? Oh don’t worry, it’s complete in Hong Kong, from the market to shopping malls for branded goods. My favorite area for window shopping is Central.

Very exciting in Central, among tall buildings filled with branded goods, there is a market in the middle of the alley selling cheap goods. So if you finally give up, then you just have to go to the market to buy souvenirs.


No Visa Required For Holidays To Hong Kong

The thing that makes the weight of the family vacation besides the budget problem is preparation, including applying for a visa. Imagine you have to fill in visa application forms, copy documents and so on, multiplied by the number of family members. Fun, a vacation to Hong Kong does not need a visa. Only need a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months and of course flight tickets.

Hunting Airplane Tickets to Hong Kong

As much as possible you should choose direct flights from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Garuda Indonesia and Cathay Pacific can be used as an alternative.

But if you want to choose a budget airline, no problem … please choose Air Asia with transit on KLIA2 or Jetstar and Tiger who are transiting at Changi. The cheapest price of a Tiger ticket that I can get PP is Rp 1,750,000 per person.

Looking for Halal food in Hong Kong

In my opinion, this is still a “homework”. We stayed in the Wanchai area to be close to the Halal Dimsum at the Islamic Center. Every time in Hong Kong, this place we never miss.

For friends who have to eat rice, no need to worry. Just buy rice at the Islamic Center canteen, then at mealtime, eat rice with supplies brought from Indonesia.

What is the Most Ideal Day for a Family Vacation to Hong Kong?

In my opinion, from Wednesday to Sunday, including time on travel (5D4N). 2 days will already be spent at Disneyland and Ocean Park, the rest is for a walk and feel unique Hong Kong.

The best month to go to Hong Kong is in February, the air is cool but not too cold. The line of rides at Hong Kong Disneyland or at Ocean Park is not too hot!

Looking for cheap lodging in Hong Kong

For a vacation with family, stay overnight on Hong Kong Island, to be close to a variety of tourist destinations such as Ocean Park, and close to the Causeway Bay shopping area where there are Toys R Us stores. Hongkong Pools Island is also not as crowded as Kowloon, so it’s very recommended.

When I went alone with My Girlfriend, I once stayed at the Causeway Bay Inn, located near Times Square Shopping Mall. This hostel has rooms for two, three and four people. If you are looking for cheap lodging with a premium location, you can really look at Causeway Bay Inn.


Friends looking for a mid-range? It’s possible to peek at JJ Hotel in the Wanchai area. When staying at the JJ Hotel, we chose the Premier Room because the room was big enough for 2 adults and 2 children.

Comfortable Holiday in Bali with the Best Facilities in Denpasar

BALI, also known as the Thousand Pura Island, is still the biggest tourist attraction in Indonesia. In addition to a traditional culture that is still thick, Bali also has a beautiful landscape. Not surprisingly, this island is never empty of tourist visits.

Along with the rapid progress of tourism in Bali, now you no longer need to trouble the right place to stay. Because in Bali, there are now hundreds of hotels that provide a variety of facilities at quite competitive prices. If you want a comfortable place to rest while on vacation, here are recommendations for hotels in Denpasar that you can visit.

1. Maya Sanur Resort and Spa

This 5-star hotel, located on Jalan Danau Tamblingan No. 89 M Bali, offers a place to stay with luxury world-class natural nuances of the resort. This hotel has a modern architectural design that is so amazing. During your stay, you can also get a private atmosphere and special experience that will never be forgotten.

In this hotel, there are four room choices, namely Deluxe rooms with garden views, Deluxe with lagoon views, Deluxe with lagoon access, and Suite rooms that face the beach. Each room has a spacious room, as well as a charming interior design.


When you rest, you will also be spoiled with a variety of special facilities, such as air conditioning, tea and coffee making machines, refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, luxury bathrooms with showers and bathtubs, toiletries, safes, free WiFi, and hair dryers. In addition, each room also features a terrace with a sofa and a table that faces directly to the open space.

Apart from presenting a luxurious and classy stay location, Maya Resort and Spa also has six restaurants serving international menus. As for body fitness, the hotel has prepared a fitness center, yoga training, and spa facilities with a variety of treatment packages.

2. The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

Located on Jalan Danau Tamblingan Number 165 A Bali, this 4-star hotel presents the comfort of staying in a luxurious, warm and pleasant atmosphere. In each room, you can enjoy a variety of magnificent modern interiors combined with beautiful teak wood ornaments. Meanwhile, the outside of the hotel is filled with greenery and trees above the swimming pool, which makes it look beautiful and cool.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur has six types of rooms, ranging from Deluxe to Suite types, with different sizes and facilities. Each has been equipped with various comfort facilities, such as LCD TVs, luxury bathrooms, toiletries, mineral water, WiFi, safes, as well as machines for making coffee and tea.

For dining needs, the hotel has a cafe and restaurant with charming interiors. There, you can enjoy the delicious traditional and international menu with a romantic atmosphere in a wooden restaurant with artistic chandeliers. If you want to enjoy a more private atmosphere, you can choose the location of a cafe located by the pool.

3. Airy Budget Hotels

Choosing a budget hotel can be a holiday solution to Bali without having to drain the entire contents of the bag. At Airy Rooms, there are many cheap hotel choices in Denpasar that will make your vacation in Bali more enjoyable.

Although cheap, the hotels at Airy Rooms can certainly provide adequate facilities, ranging from air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, bathrooms with showers and hot water, free mineral water, toiletries, and flat-screen TVs.

Hotel Functions and Controversies

The main function of the hotel as a means of accommodation for temporary accommodation for guests who come from various places. But over the times the hotel function not only as a place to stay but now the hotel function is also a place for business meetings, seminars, where the wedding (reception), workshops, national deliberations, and other activities. The hotel is used as a place to do various activities because it does have complete facilities and infrastructure to support various activities carried out by the guests.

The role of hotels in the tourism industry is indeed very important. how not a hotel as a means of public accommodation really helps tourists who are visiting to travel with the lodging services provided by the hotel. The relationship between the hotel and tourism industries is closely related. Hotels including the main means of tourism (main tourism superstructures), which means life and life depends a lot on the number of tourists who come. If we think of the tourism industry as a building, the hotel sector is the pillar.

The tourism industry has been recognized as the most important, and profitable, especially in terms of the economy which generates a lot of foreign exchange for the country. In Indonesia itself, the tourism sector is included in the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN). As an integral part of national development.

The conversions are:
What is the important role of the many hotels in a city in the city that is very minimal in tourism and the city is not included as a transit city ???

Difference Between Hotel and Guest House

But in the stopover program, some people rarely understand the different types of lodging, whether it’s a hotel or a guest house.

Apparently, each type of lodging shows different specifications. Knowing the difference helps to determine the typical hotel you want to stay. Therefore, we will describe the difference between hotels and guest houses.


As is known, hotels have different classes ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Each star has a different stay. Where, the benchmark price gauge is the position of the hotel, building materials, facilities, and so forth.

Whereas the guest house is a kind of accommodation facility, both owned by individuals/companies that are intended specifically for guests wanting to stay.

Guesthouses can also be private homes that are converted for the benefit of guests and are better known as backpacker-style lodging.

The hotel is suitable for those who want exclusive lodging and privacy with few members. While the guest house is more suitable for holidays with family/friends with many members. Choosing a guest house really helps save the budget.


The hotel has different facilities, depending on the type of room. Usually, there will be public facilities such as 24-hour front desk service, shuttle service and valet parking, restaurant, 24-hour room service, swimming pool, and so on.

The basic principle of the hotel is a place to stay or stay that is built as comfortable as possible with priority privacy for guests. So, almost all hotels offer a minimum bedroom for 2 people with a bathroom in it.

For the guest house, from the room side, several options are provided. There is a choice of a single room with one bed for 1 person, double room, triple room, and of course dormitory room.

A dormitory is a room/room that can be used together. Usually, filled with 4-10 people in one room.

The bed is a bunk bed model (2 or 3 level beds) and there are also singles. If you are lucky, during the low season / not the holiday season, sometimes the guest house is quiet from the residents and usually, you can get a room for yourself.

As the name implies, the guest house is designed so homey. So, sort of visiting people’s homes and staying overnight in the room. Facilities such as television, kitchen, and living room are public facilities of the guest house.


Hotels are designed to provide exclusive services to guests. From reception to 24-hour room service. For those of you who like privacy, special services, and have a large enough budget, then the hotel is the right choice.

While the guest house, although memorable backpacker class, but generally has neat management. Guesthouses tend to be managed by the owners themselves, in contrast to hotels that are managed by full-time staff.

Usually, guest houses are only found with one or more housekeepers. The housekeeper’s job is to help guests and prepare breakfast for guests. In addition, the housekeeper is also fully responsible for the cleanliness of the guest house.

In addition, the guest house gives guests the freedom to move freely or interactively with other guests.

In essence, hotels and guest houses are both offering places to stay or stay. Each also has advantages and disadvantages.

With this comparison, hopefully, it can help you in finding accommodation that suits your needs or budget.