Thailand is famous for its diversity and natural beauty, among the many attractive natural beauties in Thailand including the Phang Nga Bay National Park. This National Park became famous and became one of the famous tourist destinations in Thailand after one of the James Bond film series “The Man with The Golden Gun” took pictures in one corner of the National Park. Many people are then interested and want to visit this National Park as one of their traces of the James Bond films that they had previously.

As a National Park, Phang Nga Bay has around 42 islands. Among the many islands, Karst Island which is a limestone island located in an Andaman sea bay is the most interesting. Because this limestone resembling giant nail is called James Bond Island, visitors usually stop for a moment to immortalize themselves with Karst Island as a memento.

The original name of this James Bond island in Phang Nga Bay or there is also someone who calls it the Paku Island, this is not without reason because if we pay attention then the James Bond island is like a nail stuck in the mainland. The name of the island changed after it was made as a James Bond location because the name of James Bond Island was judged to be better in selling the name so that it could bring visitors to this island. A thing that makes sense considering the number of visitors who come to this area just to see the island called James Bond Island.

This island still offers natural scenery and natural environment exoticism. In this place, there are at least about 28 species of mangroves, approximately 88 species of birds, and various reptile and amphibian animals. Besides enjoying a variety of beautiful beach and island panoramas, visitors can also adventure using canoes along the beautiful towering cliffs, do not be afraid to get tired while pedaling because the tour guide will help you to get around using the canoes that have been provided.

To go to this island, we can use a minibus or if you want to be easier and not bothered with various matters, you can use travel packages that are widely available at local travel agents in Phuket. If you are observant and can choose well, you will be able to find a number of travel packages that are cheaper than traveling alone. Travel on a minibus and then head to the Mangrove Forest of the Phang Nga Mangrove Forest, then from here, we will board the Long Tail Boat (a kind of long wooden boat).

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