But in the stopover program, some people rarely understand the different types of lodging, whether it’s a hotel or a guest house.

Apparently, each type of lodging shows different specifications. Knowing the difference helps to determine the typical hotel you want to stay. Therefore, we will describe the difference between hotels and guest houses.


As is known, hotels have different classes ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Each star has a different stay. Where, the benchmark price gauge is the position of the hotel, building materials, facilities, and so forth.

Whereas the guest house is a kind of accommodation facility, both owned by individuals/companies that are intended specifically for guests wanting to stay.

Guesthouses can also be private homes that are converted for the benefit of guests and are better known as backpacker-style lodging.

The hotel is suitable for those who want exclusive lodging and privacy with few members. While the guest house is more suitable for holidays with family/friends with many members. Choosing a guest house really helps save the budget.


The hotel has different facilities, depending on the type of room. Usually, there will be public facilities such as 24-hour front desk service, shuttle service and valet parking, restaurant, 24-hour room service, swimming pool, and so on.

The basic principle of the hotel is a place to stay or stay that is built as comfortable as possible with priority privacy for guests. So, almost all hotels offer a minimum bedroom for 2 people with a bathroom in it.

For the guest house, from the room side, several options are provided. There is a choice of a single room with one bed for 1 person, double room, triple room, and of course dormitory room.

A dormitory is a room/room that can be used together. Usually, filled with 4-10 people in one room.

The bed is a bunk bed model (2 or 3 level beds) and there are also singles. If you are lucky, during the low season / not the holiday season, sometimes the guest house is quiet from the residents and usually, you can get a room for yourself.

As the name implies, the guest house is designed so homey. So, sort of visiting people’s homes and staying overnight in the room. Facilities such as television, kitchen, and living room are public facilities of the guest house.


Hotels are designed to provide exclusive services to guests. From reception to 24-hour room service. For those of you who like privacy, special services, and have a large enough budget, then the hotel is the right choice.

While the guest house, although memorable backpacker class, but generally has neat management. Guesthouses tend to be managed by the owners themselves, in contrast to hotels that are managed by full-time staff.

Usually, guest houses are only found with one or more housekeepers. The housekeeper’s job is to help guests and prepare breakfast for guests. In addition, the housekeeper is also fully responsible for the cleanliness of the guest house.

In addition, the guest house gives guests the freedom to move freely or interactively with other guests.

In essence, hotels and guest houses are both offering places to stay or stay. Each also has advantages and disadvantages.

With this comparison, hopefully, it can help you in finding accommodation that suits your needs or budget.

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