Men are visual creatures and women mostly use their feelings. So naturally, romance and adult novels are shown more for women. One of them is the Fifty Shades of Gray Film Series, which has sales of 125 million copies worldwide. The film Fifty Shades of Gray sells all forms of female sexual fantasies, how not, a woman who is classified as ordinary can then get a young businessman who is rich and handsome. Moreover, the game in his bed was really great. Since the appearance of the film, of course in addition to fantasizing, the reader of the novel also wants to see what the visualization is like.

Continuing from the last scene in the film Fifty Shades of Gray when Christian Gray “punished” his girlfriend Anastasia “Ana” Steele sexually, but by Ana seen as something excessive and hurt him. After a few weeks, Christian Gray felt guilty and lost, then wanted to get back in touch with Ana. Christian Gray said that he had changed and promised that there would be no more strange rules or penalties.


As written above Christian Gray is the dream of a woman, her mysterious figure makes even women curious to know how far the limits of the kinky BDSM sexual play are. But Christian Gray has no heart and feelings at all because of his dark past, so Christian Gray seems to have no romantic side at all. He actually said in the first film “I don’t make love, I fuck, hard” to Ana. But this does not dampen Ana to dissolve into the world of tube 8, instead, Ana feels empathy for him and also tries to change so that Christian Gray can feel love again.

BDSM sexual games do require one of the dominant (dominance) and their partners must surrender to obey all their wishes (submissive). In this second film, it’s not like that. Christian Gray began to be more romantic, various sexual scenes felt warmer. But like the weaknesses in the first film, there was no chemistry at all, the relationship between the two of them felt flat. Like watching just a softcore movie that does sell sexual scenes that are kinky, rough, and steamy complete with tools ranging from ties, hangers, handcuffs, whips to the famous jiggle balls. There was even a scene when Ana was using sexual aids in a crowd in secret!

The story and character building are also very weak, the presence of former Christian Gray, Leila Williams, who tends to be a stressed person because she is not with Christian Gray and her husband has died is not enough to help. The scenes that were supposed to be tense because Leila was increasingly threatening even with the use of a gun remained flat. Likewise, when the helicopter was boarded by Christian Gray who had an accident. When in the first film, the Christian character becomes more interesting because of seeing how a Christian Gray is cold, complex, mysterious and with problems in the past, the second film is still the same and tends to be built just to show how Christian can be more romantic towards Ana. Dakota Johnson bold and innocent appearance once again saved this film. His acting was very good in the first and second films.

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