Friends, what have you heard about Queen Elizabeth II?

Yep, she is the Queen of England who now rules the kingdom.

But, how come, the King of England was never summoned?

Apparently, the husband of Queen Elizabeth did not have the title King, but the Prince, friends.

Who can sit on the throne?

In a system of monarchy or government headed by the King or Queen, only certain people can occupy the throne, friends.

In the United Kingdom, the first descendant of the King or Queen who is holding the throne is his successor.

The next throne holder can only replace him if the King or Queen gives up power, retires, or dies.

For example, at this time Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England because she was the first child of the previous King, namely King George VI.

Queen Elizabeth II automatically succeeded her father, because King George VI did not have a son.

Now, if the descendants of the King or Queen have sons and daughters, then the oldest son will be the first to be the holder of the royal throne.

However, the order of the throne holder can also be shifted, friends.

For example, currently, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, is in the first place to the throne.

Then below him was not his younger brother, but his first child, Prince William.

When Prince William did not have children, Prince Harry took the position of the holder of the throne below him.

Now, because Prince William has three children, Prince George is in 3rd place, Prince Louis is 4th in line, and Princess Charlotte is in 5th place.

Thus, Prince Harry was shifted to the 6th position of the throne, friends.

Why doesn’t Queen Elizabeth II’s husband have the title of King?

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is also a descendant of Queen Victoria.

The difference, Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria’s first child, namely King Edward VII.

Prince Philip is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Alice.

Well, apparently there is a royal rule, friends.

The king always rules whereas the Queen can be limited to symbolic titles, friends.

That is, the title of the Queen can also be given to the wife of the King, but the title of the King cannot be given to the husband of the Queen.

So, later when Prince Charles becomes King, his wife can have the title Queen or Empress.


Likewise with the wife of Prince William, friends.

Even so, Prince Charles still accompanied the Queen in doing the work of the royal family.

This is its origin, why Prince Phillip did not have the title of King 4D.

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