I always like Hong Kong, I’ve even said a request to us to Hong Kong.

Through this paper, I summarize the things that need to be known to prepare for a family vacation to Hong Kong. Want to go some distance without the hassle of applying for a visa? Hong Kong is one alternative.


For families who have successfully vacationed to Singapore and Malaysia independently, usually, Hong Kong is the next destination. Hong Kong has Disneyland with a super cool fireworks show. In addition, Disneyland Hong Kong also has Toy Story Land.

Hong Kong has integrated transportation, easily bringing children to get on and off public transportation in Hong Kong. Not only MTR (train), bus or ferry, but Hong Kong also still has a unique tram. It should be noted that trams only exist on Hong Kong Island.

Shopping? Oh don’t worry, it’s complete in Hong Kong, from the market to shopping malls for branded goods. My favorite area for window shopping is Central.

Very exciting in Central, among tall buildings filled with branded goods, there is a market in the middle of the alley selling cheap goods. So if you finally give up, then you just have to go to the market to buy souvenirs.


No Visa Required For Holidays To Hong Kong

The thing that makes the weight of the family vacation besides the budget problem is preparation, including applying for a visa. Imagine you have to fill in visa application forms, copy documents and so on, multiplied by the number of family members. Fun, a vacation to Hong Kong does not need a visa. Only need a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months and of course flight tickets.

Hunting Airplane Tickets to Hong Kong

As much as possible you should choose direct flights from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Garuda Indonesia and Cathay Pacific can be used as an alternative.

But if you want to choose a budget airline, no problem … please choose Air Asia with transit on KLIA2 or Jetstar and Tiger who are transiting at Changi. The cheapest price of a Tiger ticket that I can get PP is Rp 1,750,000 per person.

Looking for Halal food in Hong Kong

In my opinion, this is still a “homework”. We stayed in the Wanchai area to be close to the Halal Dimsum at the Islamic Center. Every time in Hong Kong, this place we never miss.

For friends who have to eat rice, no need to worry. Just buy rice at the Islamic Center canteen, then at mealtime, eat rice with supplies brought from Indonesia.

What is the Most Ideal Day for a Family Vacation to Hong Kong?

In my opinion, from Wednesday to Sunday, including time on travel (5D4N). 2 days will already be spent at Disneyland and Ocean Park, the rest is for a walk and feel unique Hong Kong.

The best month to go to Hong Kong is in February, the air is cool but not too cold. The line of rides at Hong Kong Disneyland or at Ocean Park is not too hot!

Looking for cheap lodging in Hong Kong

For a vacation with family, stay overnight on Hong Kong Island, to be close to a variety of tourist destinations such as Ocean Park, and close to the Causeway Bay shopping area where there are Toys R Us stores.┬áIsland is also not as crowded as Kowloon, so it’s very recommended.

When I went alone with My Girlfriend, I once stayed at the Causeway Bay Inn, located near Times Square Shopping Mall. This hostel has rooms for two, three and four people. If you are looking for cheap lodging with a premium location, you can really look at Causeway Bay Inn.


Friends looking for a mid-range? It’s possible to peek at JJ Hotel in the Wanchai area. When staying at the JJ Hotel, we chose the Premier Room because the room was big enough for 2 adults and 2 children.

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