The main function of the hotel as a means of accommodation for temporary accommodation for guests who come from various places. But over the times the hotel function not only as a place to stay but now the hotel function is also a place for business meetings, seminars, where the wedding (reception), workshops, national deliberations, and other activities. The hotel is used as a place to do various activities because it does have complete facilities and infrastructure to support various activities carried out by the guests.

The role of hotels in the tourism industry is indeed very important. how not a hotel as a means of public accommodation really helps tourists who are visiting to travel with the lodging services provided by the hotel. The relationship between the hotel and tourism industries is closely related. Hotels including the main means of tourism (main tourism superstructures), which means life and life depends a lot on the number of tourists who come. If we think of the tourism industry as a building, the hotel sector is the pillar.

The tourism industry has been recognized as the most important, and profitable, especially in terms of the economy which generates a lot of foreign exchange for the country. In Indonesia itself, the tourism sector is included in the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN). As an integral part of national development.

The conversions are:
What is the important role of the many hotels in a city in the city that is very minimal in tourism and the city is not included as a transit city ???

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